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10 Character Features That Attract Everyone‘s Attention


Have you ever considered why some of the women get more attention from men than the rest of them who are also pretty and charming? Psychologists investigated this phenomenon and made a list of character features that attract men most.
  1. Confidence

When women feels confident in herself, she can freely conquer the world, doesn‘t she? The sexiness and enthusiasm she spreads can not be noticed, – admit most of men.

  1. Femininity

Men like women who take care of theirselves, but they also like the ones who let man to take care of her. Then they can feel strong and manly.

  1. Kindness

Appearance is not everything. A real woman should be kind and optimistic, – think a lot of men. Kindness is one of the most appreciated character features while talking about a portrait of perfect women.

  1. Independence

Men love women who are independent and know what they want. If independent woman has some difficulties in her life, she never tries to accuse someone for that. She simply knows that she rules her own destiny.

  1. Appreciating moments

Every man love those women who enjoy life and every beautiful moment of it. They like when woman is happy about who she is, when she notices the beauty of life and when she is satisfied by the world she lives in.

  1. Ability to represent herself

Another important moment is when woman is well-dressed, when her clothes are clean and when she feels comfortable in her outfit. Men usually don‘t know everything about the newest fashion trends, but they always pay attention how beautiful her dress looks-like.

  1. Ability to enjoy life

Woman who notice the beauty of life and people will always attract attention. She understands that we only live once and that‘s why it is very important to appreciate all little moments of life.

  1. Sociability

Everyone loves talking to people who are interested in what they are saying and who always have something to tell. In general, men love woman who have their own opinion.

  1. Elegance

If her posture and gestures are subtle, feminine and elegant, she will attract everyone‘s attention.

  1. Smile and good mood

Men love women who are happy and have a good sense of humor. A smile not only shows your good mood, but also reveals your energy and vitality.

These 10 character features are very appreciated both among men and women. If you are positive, optimistic and have your own opinion – you will definitely be noticed by others.



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