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You Will Be Surprised How These People Look Like In Photographs Before And After 30 Years!


Have you ever imagined how different you will look like after 30 years? Seems like a street photographer from England – Chris Porsz also had this thought on his mind. The idea to take photographs of people he met and took pictures 30 years ago surprised all world. Let’s travel in time and see how different people look like before and after 30 years in photographs.

Five Boys Running (1987 And 2016)

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The photographs of Chris Porsz are very natural and sincer. Just like the first one you can see here, taken in 1987. Happy five running boys – Andy, Richard, Tony James, Aaron and Devinder. They now are grown-up and have their unique life stories. Andy went into the Army, Richard works as an electrician in Peterborough, Tony James became a stone cutter, Aaron works at Ikea and Devinder is dedicating his time for the Housing Association.

Waiting for the Phone (1981 and 2016)


Another picture of friends. From left to right: John Morris, Paul Bernard, and Andrew Pollard. The fact is that these three friends from the picture still spend their time together. They say that they like to ride their bikes in the center of the town.

Dog And Tina (1985 And 2015)


Some of the stories of people you see in these photographs didn’t change, but we can not say the same thing about this crazy-looking couple. They now have twins, but sadly are no longer together.

Metal Mickey (1980 and 2016)


Steve Osborn (known as Metal Mickey in the 1980s) was a huge fan of motor biking that’s how he broke his legs several times. Now he has to use walking sticks if he wants to move. He is married and has four children.

Jewelry Assistant (1990 and 2015)


Vicki Gracey was a jewelry assistant in 1990, now she works  with tenancy sustainability. Vicki is married and has two children.

Nobby (1980 and 2015)


In the 1980s, the life of Michael Ross (known as Nobby) was really poor. Man lived in a bus shelter for 10 years after his house burned down. Now his life is way better, he has home after receiving some help from  the local authorities.

Good Friends (1980 And 2015)


Another happy moment – four people from the picture are good friends till nowadays.

Railway Kiss (1980 And 2009)


Tony and his girlfriend Sally at Peterborough Railway Station in 1980 saying goodbye to each other. One year later this couple got married. They now are both headteachers and have two children.

It is nice to see what secrets revealed work of Chris Porsz. The photographs he made will always stay as a part of our world story.


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