Diego Cusano Art Will Make Your Instagram Feed More Interesting!


Instagram is a perfect platform for those who love food and art. Using this app we can find endless source of inspiring food pictures everyday. We are pretty sure that you will definitely see some latte art creations, colorful avocado toasts, bright smoothie bowls, incredible dinners and healthy snacks ideas once you start browsing on your Instagram feed. Yes, these pictures do not surprise anyone anymore, but  have you ever saw an onion incorporated into the picture of bird? Fried eggs instead of woman’s eyes? Or a juicy green pear that transforms into a hot air balloon? Seems like Italian Instagrammer Diego Cusano knows how to make your Instagram feed more interesting.


Fantasy researcher

After creating these exceptional images, Diego Cusano named himself as a fantasy researcher. Besides of that this man is a musician and graphic artist. While talking about the creation process, Diego Cusano say that first he draws black and white sketch and then he incorporates the food products that are on his mind. It can even be a simple burger or spaghetti. This colorful food give more energy and dynamics to his paintings.


Another point of view

On his personal website, he explains the idea of his art creations, – “I started watching things from a different point of view, and from this new approach I started creating the illustrations that, since then, I’m publishing each day on the social networks: objects change their native function, through the graphic, to a new, different, unpredictable function”.

After seeing some paintings of Diego Cusano, we can only wonder – where his imagination comes from? Everyday you can observe the new creations on Diego Cusano Instagram account: @diegocusano. We are sure that his art work will definitely make you smile and give some positive vibes to your day.


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