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Food Products That Tarnish Your Teeth Color Every Day. Reduce Damage Right Now!


Everyone is dreaming about white and bright smile. It is not a surprise, because the appearance of our teeth affects our image in general. Scientists say that healthy and nice teeth give us even more confidence. But have you ever thought what foods can badly affect your teeth color? Reducing the amount of food, that stains our teeth might help you to save your bright smile. Let’s see what are the main foods you should avoid if you want to improve your teeth color.

Coffee and green tea

It is not good news for coffee lovers, but the fact is that coffee affects the color of our teeth the most. Just as a green tea. These two drinks, that stimulates our organizm have a big amount of tannins, which is not good for our beautiful white smile. Coffee and green tea also are known because of acidity, which also badly affects our teeth. Specialist say that it is better to enjoy these drinks with milk and try to drink them after a few minutes, when it is not that hot.


Red wine

Another drink that tarnish our teeth color is red wine. It also happens because of very big amount of tannins that red wine has.


We all know that after chopping a beetroot we immediately need to wash our hands. The same thing happens with our teeth. After eating some beetroot, don’t forget to wash your teeth. Red color will be gone much easier.


Talking about another food, that tarnish our teeth color, we need to mention berries such as black currants, cherries, blueberries – they all affect the color of our teeth, but definitely has much more health benefits to our organizm. You can avoid spots on your teeth by cleaning them immediately after eating these food products.



A nutrition bar hematogen, which has many health benefits, also can badly affect our teeth color. This is why you should always control the amount of heamtogen you consume.

Hidden danger

You definitely should not forget foods that you eat every day without realizing how bad it affects your teeth color. Soy sauce, balzamic vinegar, chocolate, lemon, tomatoes and even white wine can tarnish your teeth! Maybe that is the reason your teeth got a bit darker recently? Think what you eat and you will be able to enjoy your white and beautiful smile!



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