Why Petting A Cat Is Better For The Environment?


Everyone knows that owning a pet is very responsible and not the easiest job. However, pets is one of the things that brings joy to our home. Scientists say that even after watching cat videos people feel more relaxed and have more positive energy. So it is not a surprise that having a cat at home affects our mood, environment and feelings in a good way. Let’s see what are the main advantages of petting a cat.


Cats lower your stress level

If you often feel stress, cat can help you to reduce it. Cats have a positive calming effect, which is very good for your heart. They also do not require a lot of attention which also lets you to relax.

Cats help you to sleep better

Several studies have shown that more than 40 percent of people sleep better with their cat. This also happens because of the calming and relaxing effect they have.


Petting a cat is better for the environment

If we compare cats and dogs, we can say that petting a cat is better for our environment and way cheaper for you. Cats eat less and usually they consume more fish than corn or beef-flavored foods.

Cats can help you to cope

Cat can be your best friend even at the hardest times. Studies have shown that cats help people get over their loss more quickly and helps to overcome an emotional pain.

Cats help you to fight with various allergies

Even though it sound surprising, cats can help you to fight with different allergies. Especially if you have a child on the way, cats can protect him against not only pet allergy but also other types of common allergies. So petting a cat at home may alo be very good for your children.

Cat can become your best friend

It is not true that only dogs are supposed to be humans best friends. Studies have shown that cats remember kind and positive emotions shown to them and they return the favor later.



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