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These 8 Kitchen Hacks You Never Knew Before Will Make Your Cooking Routine Way Easier!


Have you ever asked yourself how to prepare perfect eggs for breakfast without spending too much time by the frying pan? Or how to chop the onion without a tear? We are pretty sure that these 8 simple kitchen hacks you never knew before will definitely answer to these questions. Here you go, 8 simple ways how to make your “kitchen routine” way easier.

1. Use plastic wrap easier


Sometimes it is so uncomfortable to wrap food products  using a plastic wrap. It gets wrinkly and sticky. Fortunately, we can learn some “kitchen hacks” from professional chefs! For example, if you want to use your plastic wrap freely, you firstly need to cool it in the fridge before using it. Believe us, it really works.

2. Cut onions without tears

If you always cry while chopping onions, you definitely need to know another one of the kitchen hacks that professional chefs use. Put the onions into the freezer for about 30 minutes before cutting them. You won’t cry at all. But don’t forget that this tip is good only if you plan to cook the onions after chopping them. Otherwise, they will loose their crunchiness.

3. Peel boiled eggs easier

When you want to boil some eggs, don’t forget to pour a bit of winegar into the water. It will get inside the shell of the egg and you will be able to peel it way easier.

4. Forget about water going over the edge of the pot


If you put a wooden spoon over the top of your pot, you won’t need to watch it every minute – wood will stop the foam and it won’t go over the edge.

5. Warm up your food without damaging the texture of it

Have you ever noticed that a slice of pizza you warmed up in the microwave is not that tasty anymore? It happens because it gets dry from the heat. If you want to avoid it, you need to know one of the kitchen hacks! Put a cup of water together with pizza. It will preserve your food from dryness.

6. Get a perfect egg yolk


If you still search for the best recipe of how to bake the perfect eggs, here you go. All you need to do is to add some water into the pan. Just break the eggs into a dry pan and add a bit of water, then put everything on the heater. You will get perfectly baked eggs with runny yolk.

7. Peel fruits easier

It is way easier to peel the skin of fruits after heating them in a microwave for about 20 seconds.

8. Grate your cheese without mess

It is not a surprise that every time you grate your cheese, there is a mess around. You will avoid it by putting cheese into the freezer for half an hour before grating it. It will get harder, that’s why it won’t be so messy.





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