She Schocked The World: After Quitting Sugar 70-Year-Old Grandmother Looks Like A Teenager. See The Pictures!


Have you ever imagined your life without sugar? Life without sweets may sound a bit sad, but we are pretty sure you will change your mind after seeing these pictures of 70 year-old grandmother who quitted sugar 28 years ago and now look like a teenager!


She schoked the world

Australian Carolyn Hartz shocked the world after showing her youthful appearance and telling how old she actually is. Being almost 70 years-old, this woman looks like a teenager! You may ask what is her secret? Carolyn says that sugar really affects not only your health, but also appearance. She personally quitted sugar 28 years ago and says that now she feels way better and has much more energy.

Carolyn-Hartz (1)

Good shape after 50

When Carolyn Hartz was 55 years-old, she found out that she was pre-diabetic. This was the reason why she decided to quit sugar. Woman had to change her daily menu and decided to look for sugar alternatives. That’s how she founded xylitol that she uses instead of sugar. She thinks that everyone is able to stop being sugar addict. Carolyn wants to inspire people to quit sugar and live healthier, that is why she tells her own life story. Carolyn says that a lot of woman still think that it is impossible to keep a good shape after they reach 50. Anyway, she believes that her example may prove that this is not true.


Sugar-free baking and other excellent shape secrets

Carolyn Hartz wrote a book “Sugar free baking” and inspired even more people to quit sugar. She bakes her own desserts with nutritious ingredients like almond meal and coconut instead of flour. Her personal advice would be to make sure you are careful of portion size. She also tells that she likes to add some protein to her breakfast meals because it stops her from food cravings during the day. Carolyn also thinks that sleep is very important for our good shape. Everyone should sleep at least eight hours, – thinks woman. She likes to meditate before her work day begins. Thatis why she always feel calm and relaxed.

Carolyn-Hartz (2)

All in all, Carolyn Hartz is very good examples which once again proves that our health, appearance and mind depend on us. To quit sugar is never too late, – we can only agree.


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