75 Unforgettable Traveling Places: Another Side Of The World. Who Is The Heaven Competing With?


Magical parts of the world that everyone should see

Traveling is the greatest opportunity to discover new cultures and explore something you have never seen before. shared 75 magnificent and breathtaking places in the world, that everyone should see at least once in their lives. Let’s look closer to those stunning parts of our planet.

  1. Peruvian city of Huacachina. An oasis in the middle of the desert that will definitely blow your mind.
  1. Copper Canyon. Even greener and bigger than Grand Canyon in US.
  2. Sinking abandoned prison in the town of Rummu in Estonia is perfect for diving and gaining unforgettable experience.
  3. Rurrenabaque – a small Bolivian town will catch your attention because of its beautiful rainforest.
  4. Mani region in Greece. You will be amazed by architecture here.
  5. Ecuadorian city Baños. Famous for its healing hot springs.
  1. Lukomir, a remote village in Konjic, Bosnia and Herzegovina. A large canyon that surrounds this small village is simply stunning.
  2. Portuguese countryside in Monsaraz. White color buildings and cobbled streets make it unique and unforgettable.
  3. Old town of Oviedo — the capital of Asturias. You really need to check those streets full of different houses here.
  4. Gozo. An island strewn with temples, salt pans, and picturesque beaches that is very close to Malta.
  5. Greek island of Paxi is a place where you will definitely enjoy not only breathtaking view, but also amazing crystal-clear water.
  6. Azores Islands with their beautiful lakes and forests.
  1. Aveiro – a canal city in Portugal where you can enjoy the view while sitting in a boat.
  2. The British territory of Anguilla in Caribbean Islands. Here you will definitely find a luxury to enjoy your holiday in a calm atmosphere. This place is one of the lesser-known of Caribbean Islands.
  3. Pyrenees in Andorra surrounded by wonderful mountains will give you a unique hiking experience.
  4. Luxembourg. Beautiful castles and amazing architecture will catch your attention immediately.
  5. Poznań in Poland has a beautiful market square filled with charming colorful buildings.

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