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A Photographer Completed A Diving Course To Make Underwater Portraits Of The Best Lithuanian Swimmers


The aim of this exceptional project is a unique underwater portraits exhibition featuring celebrated Lithuanian swimming champions. Lithuanian swimmers have demonstrated remarkable achievements during the Olympic Games, international championships, and other competitions, thus society is becoming increasingly interested in this sport of swimming and its representatives. The photographs reveal a relationship between humans and water; they also have a lasting value, as through those images, they show the current state of the sport in Lithuania and picture several generations of Lithuanian swimmers. The exhibition is held under the patronage of President Valdas Adamkus.

What do these underwater portraits reveal about people appearing in a picture?

Underwater portraits of swimmers are a new photographic glance at people and their life’s passion – water. An overview of the history of Lithuanian photography shows that there have been but a few photographers engaged in underwater photography. The photographs presented at the exhibition are of both artistic and lasting value. Those unique photo portraits of swimmers will show to a viewer a relationship between athletes and their aspirations, their everyday life, and their philosophy from a new and unexpected angle – the moment of their first joining with water. These are unconventional photographs that demanded hard work, diligence, and devotion to photography and to the swimmers who are being photographed. As it is typical in her creative work, photographer Rita Stankeviciute-Kazakeviciene reveals empathy with the emotions captured in her photographs and the colors of the inner world of those people appearing in a picture.

Photographer completed a training course in underwater diving

In order to implement the project, the photographer completed a training course in underwater diving and got a diving licence, needed to create underwater portraits of swimmers. Modern technologies will be employed in preparing photographs for the exhibition, which will add a sense of ‘vitality’ to the images and convey the emotions of underwater views.

by Lithuanian Press Photographers Club 2017 Vilnius

What is different about AQUEOUS photography project?

The light of water, or a formation of water, that unites a body, movement, light, and water. A visual, pictorial, and a graphically expressed image. The motif of water, as a conduit of form in the works of the photographer, is a manifestation of a long pursuit of such a form. It is a graphical expression in seeking to transform two objects – a human and light. Rita’s works immerse us in a world which is ephemeral, as if a splinter of reality. Water, however, creates a sense of a secondary reality. It is a sensual dialect devoid of any words. Objects seem to be forming into a new rhythm, a composition. The works also radiate the choices of humans, as a part of the water world. Swimmers – people who spend most of their time in the water – become a part of the whole in this photography. The photographer has long experience in the field of journalistic photography. Thus, the narrative in her works is quite vivid, though unique, or even unexpected. Another world: when diving into the water, one feels like a part of the world, but still of a totally different one. Forms seem diluted, like in a watercolor, colors change, the sense of loneliness disappears. Another reality emerges. The works of this young photographer-artist is a result of meticulous and lengthy work. Tough it seems obvious that an interesting story can be created through the form of water, an individual and light, still very few photographers use underwater photography in pursuit of their artistic expression.

AQUEOUS – another world, immersing us in a state of being in non-present time together with a form of light.

by Ausra Lukosiuniene curator of the exhibition


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