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Cheap Sunglasses And Bad Sleep Positions- What Do They Have In Common?


Sometimes we don‘t even realize that simple things we do every day might badly affect our health and even be dangerous for it. The best solution would be to find out what mistakes you do and try not to repeat them in the future.

Get to know more about 5 things we do everyday without realizing how bad it affects our health and try to avoid these bad habits!

5 habits harmful to our health :

Cheap sunglasses

 harmful habits

Everyone tries to follow the newest fashion trends these days, right? That’s why our shops are full of poor quality sunglasses made from cheap plastic which can not protect our eyes from the Sun properly. People buy it because they are not expensive and look nice on their face. But have you ever thought what is the real purpose of wearing sunglasses? Cheap pair of sunglasses, made from plastic can not protect your eyes from ultraviolet light, which means that it simply damage your eyes and can cause serious eyes problems. Don’t save your money on sunglasses. Keep in your mind that your eyes deserved the best!

Popcorns in a microwave

Popcorns as a snack are not bad for your health and body at all. Now we want to warn you about popcorns that you prepare in your microwave. Scientists nowadays tell us about chemical coating used in microwave popcorn bags. When we heat it, it breaks down into a substance called perfluorooctanoic (PFOA). The scientists say it is the same thing as a “carcinogen.” Which can cause many health problems, including cancer. Don’t be lazy, prepare your own popcorns in a pan!

habits harmful to our health

Eating fat-free milk products

You might think that after removing fats from your daily menu you will be fit, slim and healthy. This is not true. Fat-free milk products are not useful for humans at all. “Fat-free” means that fats were simply extracted from products, together with vitamins… Instead of it they use synthetic substances which are not healthy us at all. Be careful and consume more of natural products.

Bad sleep positions

When you sleep on one of your sides, it badly affects your diaphragm and when you sleep on your stomach, it can cause many health problems, because then you put a pressure on all of your organs. Yes, we know, sounds a bit tricky, but sleeping on your back is not that bad! And the most important thing – it is not harmful for our health.

 harmful habits

Crossing your legs

harmful habits

Many studies claimed that crossing our legs when sitting is harmful. It can cause back problems and pain, nerve damage and varicose veins. Try to control yourself while sitting!

These 5 different habits are not that hard to overcome. Just keep in your mind that your body will thank you for this in the future.



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