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Clothing That Is Relentlessly Tearing Down Age Boundaries


Tired of hearing women complain about not being able to wear what makes them feel good, hence their shape, obligating dress code at work and other so called “reasons”, Lithuanian-born fashion designer Julia Janus and a monthly lifestyle magazine ‘Moteris’ (in English ‘A Woman’) collaborated to create a collection, proving all those excuses wrong.


“This collaboration seeks to empower women, whose self-esteem is deflated by boundaries created by society and media. We hear women saying ‘this style is not age-appropriate for me’ or ‘no way this piece is going to fit my shape’ all the time, and we are asking, where these stereotypes are coming from?’

Capsule closet

A limited-edition collection is created from five core clothing items that can be worn individually, paired with other ensembles from your own wardrobe or could be matched together for an elegant, head-turning, effortless and modern look, designed to suit all ages and shapes. Each piece is joint by a slogan “Style has no limits” incorporated subtly into each piece.


Ageless appeal

Collection’s philosophy is reflected in their selection of collection’s ambassadors, once again confirming that age and style has no limits. Chosen models are women of three generations: Ingrida – 30, Viktorija – 46 and Irena age of 70, are pure examples of beauty without any boundaries, all non-models, scouted almost by an accident. According to Janus herself, she was searching for physically similar women, who were part of a different generation, in order to reveal that each age group is attractive in their own right and each and every woman is capable of being time’s, beauty’s and self-image creator, and having what it takes to create her personal style, immune to stereotypes and set boundaries. This goes in perfect flow with a famous Wilde saying: “Be yourself; everyone else is already taken”.


Non-conformist woman

Julia Janus is confident that by daring to erase the boundaries associated with one’s looks, we are taking a step forward by acquiring self-confidence in other spheres as well, “Just tell to yourself that you can do it. You can learn new things, you can change, you can dance, you can sing, you can cut or grow your hair, get a tattoo, eat whatever you want, change your profession or style. You can whatever you want to do. Nobody has the right to tell you that it’s too late or your figure is not right.”

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