You Can’t Cry on a Diamond’s Shoulder and Diamonds won’t Keep You Warm at Night, but They’re Sure Fun When the Sun Shines!


“You can’t cry on a diamond’s shoulder and diamonds won’t keep you warm at night, but they’re sure fun when the sun shines!” – Elizabeth Taylor

Handmade gold, silver jewelry with precious metals is a value that persists and becomes eternal over time. Handmade jewelry craftsmen create small miracles of life. Arts, science and alchemy meet here.

Although every season, the world’s most influential designers are bringing new fashion trends, but according to jewelry, precious metals and gemstones never go out of fashion.

The best craftsmen handmade jewelry with gemstones for engagement

The first engagement rings were given already in the times of Ancient Rome. According to the law, since the moment woman agreed to wear an engagement rings, she belonged to the man. Nowadays, engagement ring is a symbol standing for happy life of two people that have fallen in love with each other. Engagement rings trends change quite rarely compared to other types of jewelry but the range of choices of engagement rings has never been as wide as it is today. The only question is, how to find the best one for your future-to-be wife?


Diamond jewelry has a long history. One of the first engagement rings was given in 1477 when Austrian ruler proposed to his fiance. Diamond is one of the strongest and resistant minerals found on Earth. That is why diamond jewelry symbolizes longevity, harmony and unity.

Nowadays, white gold jewlery and platinum jewlery are among the most popular ones. When choosing engagement rings, there are no rules you should obey. Engagement rings can have one or a few diamonds. It depends on your taste! A skilled and experience jeweller will always help to make your dream engagement ring come true.

For the last decade, engagement rings made of white gold or platinum with white diamonds have been a trend many celebrities followed.

Today, colored gemstones are becoming more and more popular. For example, ruby, emerald or sapphire.

Let‘s admit, diamonds are quite pricey. That is why many people choose gemstones instead of diamond jewelry. Although these gemstones are cheaper, jewelry does not look worse than real diamond jewelry! Especially, when precious metals are chosen carefully. For example, gold which stands for tradition and past will match emerald very well. If you want something more modern, red gold and sapphire match is a great choice for you. Actually, these gemstones have one drawback – they are fragile. It means that an engagement ring with red gold or sapphire inlayed will not be as durable as diamond ring would be.

Speaking about metal used for an engagement ring, one needs to know the main rule: red gold –  king without a crown, yellow gold – classic, platinum is solid but gets scratched easily and silver is too soft as a metal for diamond jewelry. Today, white and yellow gold combination is the most popular.  It does not only look luxurious but is also easily matches to any other jewelry.

In fact, when choosing an engagement ring it is important to take not only design, gemstone or metal into account but also practicality. Fancy high crown rings are not comfortable to wear. One always face problems wearing gloves or simply dressing up. Also, do not forget that an engagement ring should match every-day clothes.


Engagement rings is not a one day bargain. The famous „Vogue“ editor Anna Wintour once said that the most unfashionable thing is to be fashionable. So, before buying an engagement ring pay attention not only what is trendy those days but also about future perspectives. Diamond jewelry costs a fortune! However, there seems to be a solution – handmade jewelry. Handmade jewelry masters know how to bring antique rings, earrings, bracelets or other types of jewelry back to life. People are always looking for novelty and originality so shops loaded with mainstream glitter does not interest them much anymore.

Handmade handicraft jewelry for the important event of life: wedding rings

Every couple who is waiting for its wedding day has to take care of many things and details. Every detail is an inseparable part of their shared life. Wedding rings are not an exception. Proper selection of wedding rings is a proof of love and mutual understanding, therefore this investment should be made with great caution. So what we should pay attention to? What determines our decision?

A jewel handicraft is selected according to certain criteria. Usually we pay attention to its design since it reflects a charm of an owner and gives a sense of pleasure. Classical wedding rings are without decorations, sophisticated shapes and other eye-catching innovations. They can be covered and decorated with a different color of metal strips or diamonds. However, why should we be restrained by standards? Modern wedding rings usually provide with sophisticated, eye-catching look and promise amazing beauty too.

Where can we buy attractive wedding rings? Often, there are a lot of discussions among friends and others on this topic. One can believe that handmade jewel handicraft services offer the most exceptional quality and design while others claim that jewelry stores have more advantages since they are able to offer everything you can think of for an ideal wedding. There is a third choice as well – online shops. So what we should believe? Where can we look for a proper decision?

Handmade jewel handicraft services is a guarantee of an exceptional design and quality. Their goal is to create rings of high comfort and perfect look that will fit the needs of each couple. With the help of a jeweler, wedding rings become unique, therefore such services are used by many couples who are looking for a unique solution.

You can always visit jewelry stores. Here you can see the whole range of wedding rings, evaluate their price and overall view of the store. Pleasant service and advice from consultants will help you to choose the right pair of rings for suitable price. Wedding rings will perfectly satisfy every customer’s wishes. Unfortunately, they are not so original and unique. It should be remembered that it is recommended to avoid poor reputation salons since they usually seek to sell only, therefore it is practically impossible to see honesty in the eyes of sellers.

Usually jewelry salons and jewelry services are not the only choices for buying wedding rings. Wedding rings are now sold online too. However, we frequently hear about phony and unsuccessful transactions which make you think about their trustworthiness. Of course, this is only applicable to non-qualified vendors. If you communicate with a jeweler online, this changes the situation. In such circumstances, you can expect pleasant communication, advice, and valuable insights from a specialist.

Remember that wedding rings should not restrict your freedom of choice. They will need to wear all their lifetime, so do not hit the pockets of money – choose the right size, attractive look and a comfortable shape ring that will give you pleasure. Choose what’s beautiful, quality and cute.

Handmade Jewelry: From Jeanne d’Arc to Marilyn Monroe

Jewelry services are especially popular today but before that they had to overcome a long and excruciating journey.

With the appearance of a primal human being, the first jewels were born – animal beards, necklaces, talismans. Subsequently, precious metals and precious stones which had a decoration function had not changed until now. In ancient Roman and Greek times, handmade jewelry works were inseparable from the then “cream” and priestly loaves of the time. Ancient Greece was particularly valued for monochromatic, intricately decorated golds, while the Romans favored a wider variety of colors, precious stones and colored glass. The stone carving was used extensively – the cabbage that women are dressing up until today also survived the real golden age of that time.

In the middle ages, almost all jewelry was focused on liturgical, sacred artwork. Jewelry had to highlight the luxury of the material in order to further emphasize the power of the church and the skills of the jeweler. Handmade jewelry could be decorated only by noble ones – massive, massively unlit stone engraved rings, neck and head jewelry – the symbols of luxury and power. Simply put, such a concept as minimalism did not exist, then the best female friend – a diamond – came to fashion which until now is among the most popular precious metals.

In the 19th century, when hand work was replaced by machines, jewelry production could be measured in several ways: it became easier to process gemstones and jewelry was simpler and faster to produce. However, mass production focused on the middle class began to save at the expense of quality and originality. The carving jeweler’s services were affordable only by the bourgeoisie. However, in the 19th century, at the end of the year, as people’s consciousness grew, the attitude at jewelry changed – jewelry mastery, originality of the style was raised, and the price of the material, so appreciated until then, had to be satisfied with the second place. The First World War brought jewelry to change: the modernist, idealized love and nature motifs that had prevailed in jewelry changed modernism – abstract geometric shapes, exotic ornaments – hieroglyphs, scarabs, sphinxes. Jewelry was made to emancipated women, so it was marked by freedom, courage and elegance. In the world shaken by the Second World War, Hollywood began to dictate trends in jewelry. Cinema celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly sparkled with cowardly sexuality, femininity and cheerfulness and all of that was reflected in jewelry creations. The forms gained softness, the sophistication which had to emphasize the feminine nature.

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