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Self-Awareness Made Easy: Sleek ‘Experience Helmet’ Transforming Brainwaves Into Music


Inspired by Buddhist meditation practices and increased mention of self-awareness techniques in the media, a Lithuanian born artist Aiste Noreikaite created an EEG technology based helmet, which reads user body’s natural signals from the brain” and transfers them to an electronic sounds in real time, which reflects the person’s mental state and “can be used as a tool to get to know the executive control system of the mind”, according to the London-based designer herself.

How does “Experience helmet” work?

Brainwave information, according to which music is created, is received through a NeuroSky EEG (Electroencephalogram) headset, installed into the helmet, which detects one’s brain’s electrical signals not your actual thoughts, and turns brain activity into action, or in this case minimalistic electronic, mood reflecting music.

Moreover, electronical sounds produced by the helmet are designed to generate 10Hz binaural beats that enhances user‘s alpha brainwave pattern detected by EEG. Which means that the wearer not only be listening to the soundtrack of their own brains, but will feel calmer and more relaxed, as a result.

 How the idea of “Experience Helmet” evolved over time?

The notion of using binaural beats for the well-being is not a completely novel idea. A Prussian physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove began investigating such a possibility back in the 1880‘s. His research led to a belief that playing before-mentioned binaural beats into the listener‘s ear creates a soothing effect and puts the mind into an effortless meditative state.

A helmet wearing, as an attempt to achieve inner calm, may seem radical to some, but it was Noreikaite‘s intention to create a somewhat different device to encourage a so needed temporary blockage of the outside and give a complete focus to quite literally, one‘s own internal rhythms.

See the helmet in action at an Elephant Gallery London exhibition 2014
More information about the Experiential Helmet can be found on designer‘s own website


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