What Is The Relation Between FIKA And Coffee?



Do you know which countries of the world consume one of the biggest amounts of coffee every year? No, it‘s not only Italians or Brazilians. One of the biggest coffee lovers are Nordic countries. The average person here consumes about 20 pounds of coffee per year!

If you are also a fan of coffee, you might have heard Scandinavians talking about Fika. In Sweden people don‘t translate the word itself in order not to lose its signification. Anyway, you will definitely hear people saying „fika“ as soon as you arrive in Sweden. But how this word is related with coffee and why it is so special in Swedish culture? Let‘s try to find out the main reasons together.


The word „fika“ came from Sweden and describes a Swedish coffee break, which is more about socialising than simply drinking coffee. During the time it became one of the best diversion from the stresses of life. In Sweden, it is included into everyday life in many different ways. Did you know that two times per work or school day are dedicated to „fika“ (usually in mid-morning and in the afternoon) and guaranteed by law to all employees? Yes, people in Sweden really take their coffee breaks seriously. Accompanied by warm cinnamon roll „fika“ becomes really exceptional and heavenly delicious break of the day.


„Fika“ can be organized any time – in the morning and even in the evening if you feel like having a cup of delicious coffee. But one of the most important things you have to know about „fika“ is that this coffee ceremony is not a simple coffee break, people consider it as a perfect occasion to sit and have a quality time with coffee and friends, family or collegues at work. As we have already mentionned, cinnamon buns are one of the most common desserts to eat at „fika“ time, but you also will be able to try other delicious desserts such as chocolate balls, chocolate cake, amlond tarts, different small cookies, roll cake, cardamon cake, berry tart, almond cake and even open sandwiches!

This short break of the day called „Fika“ is considered as a real sign of slow and joyful life. If you ever visit Sweden – you will definitelly have a chance to enjoy this tasty moment!



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