New Instagram Trend: Black Ice-Cream That Matches Your Dark Soul


Ice-cream is one of the desserts that does not have any age limits: children love it and adults love it as well. It is so good to enjoy a portion of refreshing vanilla ice-cream at summer, when it is warm and sunny outside. But have you ever thought about totally unusual-looking ice-cream that are inspired by goths? Of course, you may wonder how they would look like? And all we can answer is – black. Black ice-cream is the newest Instagram trend, – admit social media experts.


Black ice-cream

Seems like simple looking white ice-cream is out of fashion. The ice-cream business called “Little Damage” created their ice-cream shop in Los Angeles that serves black ice-cream! A home-made cone is also black. This dark color of ice-cream comes from activated charcoal. And we have to admit that it looks impressive.


Instagram trend

Besides of looking totally crazy in their unique color, the black-ice cream can be covered with various different toppings that make them look even more crazy. “Little Damage” ice-cream has different names such as “Unicorn Tears” or “Almond Charcoal”. The newest flavor is called “Black Roses”. If you are dreaming about trying a black ice-cream, you must be early, because people are going crazy with it. The trend of black ice-cream became super popular on Instagram, where you can find the most Creative, goth-inspired ice-cream pictures.


Ice-cream that matches dark souls

According to people who have already tried goth-inspired black ice-cream, they not only look impressive, but actually is very delicious. Some of the people already called the black ice-cream as “the ice-cream that matches your dark soul”. All we can say is that you will never know unless you try it yourself.


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