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This New Coffee Trend Will Surprise You


A lot of people enjoy drinking latte – drink made with espresso and steamed milk. It is not a surprise that latte art became really popular these days. But have you ever wondered that one day it willl turn into something crazy? For example, how would you feel if someone would offer you to drink your latte from avocado skin? Yes, this is not a dream. “Avolatte” art is quickly becoming viral.

Many questions

While talking about “avolatte” we first create the image in our head of how it would look like. And then we start to ask so many questions such as, – how is it possible to drink it without a handle? What would be the flavor of coffee infused with avocado? How to prepare avocado for the coffee?, – etc. But don’t worry, it is not that difficult as you may think.


Started as a joke

No one was expecting the “avolatte” art to become such a serious trend. But seems like people are becoming more and more creative. The virus of “avolatte” started from barista in Melbourne, Australia who was pouring lattes into emptied half-shells of avocado and joking that he is combining two Melbourne’s obsessions – avocados and lattes. Seems like some of the people took it seriously. The picture of “avolatte” made by Australian barista was viewed more than 6,500 times and became viral.


New food trend

Of course, “avolatte” art will be another big food trend on social media this year, predict the food experts. Pouring lattes into emptied half-shells looks and actually is impressive. Who knows, maybe this “avolatte” trend one day will be totally normal way to drink your coffee. And for now let’s admire this stunning view.


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