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I’m The Only Animalist Painter Using the Dry Brush Technique in The World


My name is Danguole Serstinskaja. ​​I started drawing in early childhood when I was about 5 years old. From early on I liked animals, I grew up around them. At this time I have an adopted cat and 15 dogs. I have been a dog breeder and an FCI Judge for over 20 years, that’s why I know animal anatomy very well, which is essential for painting realistically. Without anatomical knowledge one cannot recreate the accurate proportions. I don’t only try to recreate the animal accurately, the most important is recreating his character and emotions. Every animal has his own expression and uniqueness and my task is to show it – because just an anatomically accurate drawing is not interesting enough for the viewer. The viewer must feel the emotion, which is the most important. I use various painting techniques, like pastel, oil on canvas, charcoal, graphite, however in the last 6 years I became extraordinarily interested in painting with oil on paper, using dry brush technique. It is not an easy technique, which requires a lot of time to learn and master.  It is an exceptionally rare technique, and to my knowledge I’m the only animalist painter using the dry brush technique in the world. I like to draw in photorealistic style. It is a difficult style demanding a lot of precision and skill, it perfectly represents my understanding of art. I like art which displays the mastery and the capabilities of the artist.
Lithuania is a small country at the geographical center of Europe, life here is not easy, that’s why people here are strong and used to difficulties and challenges, regardless, the arts and the culture here are cherished, there are a lot of talented artists painting in variety of styles.
My life in essence is not easy, I’ve been fighting 2 types of cancers (breast and thyroid) for 9 years now, and in August 2016 I’ve had a brain surgery to remove a brain tumor. Due to post-surgical complications I now only see with one eye, however I still try to adapt to it and I continue to paint. I think my story is a big inspiration for others not to give up.
​At the moment my works are well known online and sold internationally to collectors from 47 countries but due to my health issues I didn’t have the opportunities to host galleries or exhibitions, however I constantly take part in various competitions. My most recent award was being one of 60 artists to receive the ATIM Masters Certificate 2016, issued each year by ArtTour International Magazine, and having my artwork exhibited for me in France. My most important award is getting a first place in American Art Awards Realism Animal category in 2015, where the work is judged by 25 best art galleries across America.
I really hope that soon my health will allow me to accept the various pending offers from art galleries and it will be possible to see my artwork live all across the world.


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