Hidden Sugar Bombs: 5 Foods You Should Avoid If You Are On A Diet


Nowadays, people try to eat healthier. They avoid not only fast food, but also sugar. Cakes and chocolates are considered to be a desserts, for sure. But have you ever thought that a pack of youghurt you eat every morning, thinking that it is a healthy option, is actually a sugar bomb for your organism? Let’s see what are the main “sugar mistakes” we do every day without even realizing it.

Coffee with syrup

A lot of people still drink coffee with various syrups. It is almost the same product as sugar. Experts say that in one cold “frappuccino” you can usually find at least 58 g of sugar which is the same as 15 tablespoons of white sugar. This kind of coffee drink we can freely call a proper sugar bomb and a dessert as well.


Another product that is considered to be healthy is a yoghurt. It is light, tasty and very often has a pleasant fruity flavor. Yes, it is not a heavy food, but take a pack of your favorite strawberry yoghurt and look at the label on it. We are pretty sure that in 100 g. of yoghurt you will definitely find at least 4 tablespoons of sugar. You also should not forget that 100 g. are not enough to feel full, so after eating 200 g. or more, you will consume at least 8 tablespoons of sugar which is a real sugar bomb for your organism!

Sweet milk products

Another foods you can freely call “desserts” are sweet milk products. Various curd creams with berries or chocolate and colorful puddings are based on milk, but also has a huge amount of sugar inside.

Breakfast cereal

One of the most popular breakfast dishes amongst children. Parents usually don’t mind to buy a pack of chocolate cereal for their children thinking that it is pretty good thing to eat in the morning with milk. But everything is different. One average portion of breakfast cereal usually contains from 11 to 14 g. of sugar which also let us freely call it a “sugar bomb”.


Juice and soda drinks

While eating in cafes and restaurants, parents usually order a bottle of juice for their children. Considered to be a healthy drink option, juice contains almot the same amount of sugar as Coke. Which means that in 250 ml of juice you can find about 6 tablespoons of sugar.

All in all, we would like to remind you, that it is recommended to eat not more than 25 g. of sugar per day. If you still eat these 5 products that we mentioned in this article, it might be that you overpass this number. Try to avoid food you could easily call a “sugar bomb” in your daily routine. The less of sugar you eat, the healthier you are!


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