13 Shocking Secrets Airline Employees Do Not Want You To Know


Whoever has traveled by plane has noticed strange things which made us question whether airline employees do not keep secrets from us? It seems that they would prefer not reveal airline companies secrets as there is a plethora of them!

1. Luggage locks are actually useless

There are various techniques which help to unlock a suitcase without knowing the code. People can do it with a pen or pencil. In this sense, it is better to leave your luggage unlocked as the zipper can be damaged as well.airline secret

2. The captain and co-pilot eat different food

If one of them get poisoned food and is unable to pilot the plane, airline employees make sure that the other one overtakes the aircraft.

airline secrets

3. Oxygen masks give air for only 15 minutes, says they airline employee

Although there is no need to panic as this period of time is enough for a pilot to take the plane to a lower altitude where you can breathe normally.

4. You are not allowed to smoke not because of the danger of fire

airline secrets smoking

Passengers used to smoke and there were no fires. Therefore the real reason behind this prohibition is an economic one. In this way, the equipment last longer as the smoke damages it.

5. Tickets are cheaper on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays

There is a common myth that it is better to buy airline tickets as early as possible because then they are at the lowest prices. However, it is not true.

6. Dim lights are not for better sleep

Interior lights prepare you in case of evacuation once you step out of the plane. Your eyes are adjusted to the darkness so it will help you see better.


7. Why airline employees ask to turn off cellphones?

Cellphones are likely to create static on the radio signal therefore the cabin crew might not hear the dispatcher. Although, sometimes members of the cabin crew ignore this rule and they even get free wi-fi.

8. Airline employees and their families get free tickets

Many airline companies provide free tickets for their employees and their families. They only have to pay for taxes and duties.

9. You should not drink airline water

A research done by the Wall Street Journal revealed that bacteria levels are 100 times greater than is allowed in U.S. In addition to this, it is not tasty!

airline secrets water

10. Pilots can fall asleep during a flight

In other words… Actually, no comments needed.

11. Lightinings often struck airplanes during a flight

However, it is difficult to notice and airline companies make sure it does not affect the airplane.

12. People steal life vests more often than other items

Maybe buy your own ones, huh?

airline secrets life vest

13. Last but not least: you better not touch your tray table. It is very likely that someone has changed diapers on it. Sweet!airline-secrets-tray-tables

Will you enjoy your flights more from now on? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

And, of course, do not forget to get ready to fight mosquitoes when going on holiday.


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