Surprising Facts: Which Countries Eat The Healthiest Breakfast?


We all know that our first meal of the day – breakfast is very important for us. There exist a huge variety of breakfast in different countries. But have you ever thought in which part of the world you would be able to eat the healthiest breakfast? We are ready to tell you where you can find the healthiest breakfast on Earth.

There are no doubts, that healthy fats are necessary for our organism. The thing that we actually should avoid is sugar. A lot of people still eat sugary cereal with milk for breakfast, expecting it to be one of the healthiest breakfast options. This also happens with youghurts – sometimes we just forget and eat it without thinking about the amount of sugar we can find in it. So let’s take a look to those countries where the first meal of the day is very healthy and good for us.

Breakfast in South Africa

In South of Africa people like to eat porridge made from maize meal (corn) and milk. The dish has a lot of fiber and protein which, according to dietologists, is very  healthy breakfast combination in the morning.

Breakfast in India

In India people often chose an Indian bread with fresh fruit salad or different sauces with vegetables. The bread is usually made from flour that has a lot of fiber. This is also very healthy choice to eat in the morning.


Breakfast in Iceland

In Iceland people very often eat oatmeal porridge which is a source of fiber. Oatmeal porridge makes us feel full for a long time and we don’t feel food cravings.

Breakfast in Korea

Korean people usually eat fish with rice and kimchi and sometimes they also choose a soup. This is definitely one of the healthiest breakfast – fish has a lot of good fats which is very important for our brains. Fish also has a lot of protein which makes us feel full through the day.


Breakfast in Spain

In Spain people like to eat toasts with chopped tomatoes. They also add some pure olive oil and spices. Dietolgists say that this is one of the healthiest toasts – it has a lot of good fats and vitamins while simple toast with butter and jam is full of unnecessary sugar.


All in all, if you still eat sugary cereal with milk or white bread toasts with jam every morning, these few healthy breakfast examples might be something that will inspire you to change your unhealthy habits.




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