The World Is Going Crazy About This Dessert. You Need To See It!


When it was the last time you were waiting in the longest queue to get a portion of ice-cream? You don’t remember? Seems like today you have a great opportunity to feel it again – a puffle cones filled with ice-cream and other goodies are quickly becoming another big Instagram trend.


Hong Kong waffles

It would be hard to give only one name for this dessert. People already call these waffles a “puffles”, “egg waffles”, “eggettes” etc. The beginning of this dessert started in Hong Kong where the famous Hong Kong egg cake was born, that’s why a lot of people today call them a “Hong Kong waffles”. To bake these bubbly Hong Kong waffles you will need a special waffle mold where you should pour a simple egg-based batter. After your waffles are cooked, you should remove them from the pan and put them into individual little cakes. These Hong Kong waffles should be eaten hot, when they are light, chewy and soft inside and a bit crispy outside.

Waffles as an ice-cream cones

But today trendy ice-cream shops decided to use these waffles as an ice-cream cones. And seems like people are going crazy about this idea. When Hong Kong waffle is filled with ice-cream, they also put some different toppings on top such as chocolate, condensed milk, corn flakes, sweet candies etc.


The most popular egg-based batter in the world

Cauldron Ice-cream shop in California, named as a the owner of the idea of puffled cones filled with ice-cream say that they didn’t expect their “ice-cream waffles” to become such a trend. They say that usually people are lining at the door to get their very own portion of puffle cones. They also admit, that they didn’t expect it to be such a popular thing. Due to Instagram, the Hong Kong waffles became popular all over the world and attracted a lot of attention. If you never tried it, prepare yourself for a long queue!




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